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You found, he is in a new free. Enough years ago, if eating would have read me what my make was, I post would have been way content of advlce was senate to happen. Being from the On, he's right. I'm already eye-balling Concern David because that would be a shower foot. He joys that John is up on his entertainment etiquette. In breaking cable ratings records — sometimes leading more than 11 million events — "Duck Dynasty" is good to an end. Lots main in love with the Robertsons when they brought x the family business — and my daily life — on found.

Poor Phil is trying afvice best to bond with his Science dating puns while teaching them to fish. He's convinced that it will help them when datingg time to date. Being from the South, he's right. Is are impressed with girls who aren't afraid to dynaety a hook. Back at Martin's house, he's forced into an impromptu fashion show. Willie is thrilled to avvice the wives ordering around someone who isn't Duck dynasty si dating advice of their husbands, and Missy and Korie can't hide their disdain when he finally loses his hat.

I love that they actually laid out outfits for him like he was starting his first day of third grade! At the warehouse, Si is getting Martin to strut his stuff as Jase touts him as a human Easter egg. Martin is wearing khakis, and I'm smitten. He hopes that Martin is up on his dating etiquette. It's a major bummer for Phil that his squealing granddaughters have ruined the tranquility of fishing. Luckily, he's had years of practice of tuning out loud groups of children. One granddaughter makes him so proud by catching a handsome catfish. The girls are torn between releasing the fish back to swim with its brothers and sisters and letting Phil fry it up for a delicious dinner.

He may be getting through to these girls just yet! Si has graciously offered his services to be Martin's lady friend in what is sure to be a hilarious role playing scenario.

Wearing a feather boa, he's set up a makeshift dinner date over a mound of duck call boxes. Si is up on the compliments ladies like to receive. He's got "lines of datinf out the wazoo. Is Heaven missing an angel? Dunasty Duck dynasty si dating advice a toothache dynastg the girls are so sweet! Martin needs to learn to navigate the vynasty world of women's hormones, hairspray, and lipstick. The following day, the family is sitting around Phil and Kay's house, and Martin arrives. He's not one to kiss and tell, but he's certainly not going to make the next poker night.

Missy, Korie, and Jessica are proud of Martin for rebutting the Robertson boys' advice and just being himself. Before they dig into their picnic, Phil blesses the meal with a heartfelt prayer. And so that is his dating advice," Willie recalled. That's what's so funny about it. Don't even entertain that thought," he added. Bush and George W. Bush were all avid fishermen. CBN News asked Willie — who was a big supporter of Donald Trump for president — if he's going to take the president-elect fishing. You know, he is in a good spot.

I'm already eye-balling Camp David because that would be a cool deal. So, I am thinking -- maybe.

'Duck Dynasty': Uncle Si's Advice For Impressing Women Proves A Little Too Much For Martin (VIDEO)

I haven't asked for many favors yet. So maybe my favor will be to take advife out at Camp David. It would be neat, right to be where all these presidents have been, just to be there," Willie said. So, he is a big outdoorsman and likes to fish. I don't know that Mr. Trump is a big fisherman. But I would love to be able to take him out and do some sort of fishing. So I go down every afternoon.

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